Thursday, May 11, 2023

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Latest Reports:
Atlanta Rovers FC - LGSA (08-05-2023)
Orlando City FC - DC United (22-04-2023)
 Washington Spirit - OL Reign (26-03-2023) 
 Atlanta United - Portland Timbers (18-03-2023)
Next Games:
Charlotte Independence - North Carolina FC (21-05-2023)
US Orléans - Concarneau (26-05-2023)
Olympique Lyon F - Stade de Reims F (27-05-2023)
Clermont Foot 63 - Lorient (27-05-2023)
Stade Toulousain - CA Brive (28-05-2023)
Union Fürstenwalde – Rostocker FC (03-06-2023)
RCD Espanyol - UD Almeria (04-06-2023)
Umeå FC - Piteå (16-06-2023)
Bergnåsets AIK - Sandviks IK (17-06-2023)
Hammerfest FK - Tromsø 2 (18-06-2023)
Norway - Cyprus (20-06-2023)
Savannah Clovers - Chattanooga FC (07-10-2023)


The terms "groundhopping" and "groundhopper" can not (yet) be found in any dictionary, yet there are hundreds of groundhoppers around the world, most notably in Germany. The word combines the terms "ground" and "hopping" and refers to the visiting of different sports grounds -- usually, though not exclusively, football grounds (for a German description, see Wikipedia).

Whereas normal football fans tend to visit only home games of their favorite team, particularly when they live closeby, and more fanatical fans also attend the away games of their team, the groundhopper aims to visit as many different grounds and teams as possible. Moreover, unlike the normal fan, who generally prefers to visit the big teams in football (e.g. Bayern München, Manchester United, Real Madrid), the groundhopper goes for the exotic (e.g. Avenir Beggen, Ozeta Dukla Trencin, Selangor PKNS) and the tiny, such as the third team of a city (e.g. Partick Thistle, Viktoria Köln, Spvgg Unterhaching).

While groundhopping is largely a non-organized activity, by individuals and small groups, there exist a few organizations of groundhoppers. The most famous is the German Vereinigung der Groundhopper Deutschlands (V.d.G.D.): it's website is one of the major sources of information on clubs, leagues, and stadiums in the world. For other groundhopper websites, see the links on the right.

This website provides an overview of the various groundhops of me, Grondhopper. I'm a Dutch academic and football fan, supporting PSV in the Netherlands, Borussia Mönchengladbach in Germany, and the Portland Timbers in the USA. I regularly travel abroad for both work and pleasure, and try to combine these trips with groundhops. In addition, I make several special groundhops every year alone or with one or more of my friends, some of which are active groundhoppers themselves. I have currently visited 474 clubs in 45 countries on 6 continents.

If you like the reports, become a follower of this blog. Comments are also always highly appreciated. You can post them either here on the site or you can email me at grondhopper[at]

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