Wednesday, May 04, 2011

TuS Koblenz – Eintracht Braunschweig (02-04-2011)

After a resting night in a hotel between Karlsruhe and Koblenz, and a delicious breakfast at a small town bakery, we arrived in Koblenz to see a midday game in the 3. Bundesliga (Third Division). We were directed to a residential area to park and then had to walk some 15 minutes to the Stadion Oberwerth, which was surrounded by policemen in riot gear.

While the police presence was ridiculous, the number of away fans was quite impressive: at least 500 Eintracht fans had made the ca. 400 km (250 miles) trip from Braunschweig. Undoubtedly this big support was in part the result of a very good season so far; Eintracht fights for promotion to the 2. Bundesliga.

We paid €13 for a non-covered seat on the long side. Overall, 5.512 people had come to the stadium, enjoying a beautiful, sunny Spring day. While the stadium has a capacity of 15.000, it only has 4.000 seats, and the atmosphere was quite good. Singing was limited to the youngest fans, gathered in the “Inferno”.

The first fifteen minutes are clearly for TuS Koblenz. In the 8th minute Eintracht almost scores an own goal, while the rebound is saved. While the hosts work hard, and have most of the game, the guests are lazy, but clearly the better team in talent. All in all, the level of play is very poor and few chances are created. The best chance is a counter attack of Koblenz in the 42nd minute, which ends with a shot at the goalie. The half time score is a logical 0-0.


The second half is more of the same. Most of the semi-chances come from bad shots of Koblenz, which almost roll into the goal. In the 63rd minute, Kumbela, who has just entered the game, gets the ball, cuts back, and shoots: 0-1. A minute later, the other topscorer of Eintracht gets the ball and scores too: 0-2 out of nowhere.

Fans around us get very moody, complaining not just about this game, but also about the whole season. Both teams now put in less effort, which means little still happens. In the 78th minute the home goalie saves three times in a short time. It would be the last major chance. As we have to be in Belgium in the early evening, we leave 10 minutes before the end. The final score remains 0-2, however.

TuS Koblenz is one of the smaller professional teams in North Rhine Westphalia, which emerged only recently in the highest divisions of German professional football. It has a cute small stadium and a small, very local, fan base. Particularly when it is nice weather, the Stadion Oberwerth is a nice and relaxing setting for a game.

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