Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Eugene Metro FC Select – Club America Reserves (02-06-2009)

Finally a game in my own town: Eugene, Oregon. However, Eugene Metro Fútbol Club was founded in 2006 and is mainly involved in youth development and soccer clinics and camps. However, they also have an EMFC Select Team, consisting of college-age players from various universities in Oregon (Portland, Oregon State, and Concordia) as well as UCLA, from California. There are no players from the local University of Oregon, which only has women soccer. The EMFC Select Team plays two “international friendlies” this summer: against the reserves of Club America and of Bayern München.

I went to the game with my colleague D. and his daughter N., an enthusiastic “soccer” player. I had bought tickets in advance, at a local Mexican supermarket ($10 for an adult, one free youth per adult). Because of an extended dinner, we arrived rather late at the stadium of Willamette High School, which has a new turf pitch (used for the school’s (American) football team). It turned out that the locals were 1-0 up!

There were probably around 500 people at the game, which is much more than at various PDL games I have attended so far. At least 300 were local Mexicans, mostly fans of Club America, one of the biggest football teams in Mexico. Among the “white” Americans were many young girls, still the prime basis of “soccer” in the USA. It was good among real football fans again; the Mexicans clearly understand the game, unlike their “native” fellows.

I had expected Club America to tear EUFC a new asshole, as (1) they are the reserves of one of the best teams in Mexico, a real football country; and (2) EMFC is a selection of players from all over, so they won’t have played together much. However, the hosts clearly played together a lot, as they had good combinations. Club America had the better players, many playing with crazy numbers (GK had 60, midfielder 98, striker 111!), but lost most duels against the highly motivated college boys. As EMFC was 1-0 up, they defended their lead with 10 men behind the ball and aggressive play; enough against a little motivated opponent. Hence, 1-0 was also the half time score.

At half time it started to rain... hard! We had fortunately moved to the covered stand, just before half time, and stayed dry. As the players returned for the second half, the intense rain continued and thunder and lightening started – something people in the Northwest are not very familiar with. After two minutes the referee suspended the game for 20 minutes, and everyone was encouraged to take shelter in the gym (even the ones on the covered stand, as it was metal). Although I have attended various games in worse weather, for example FC Avenir Beggen against FC Mamer 32, the referee decided to stop the game, despite the fact that the weather had moderated.

So, somewhat disappointed, we left, having seen just under 30 minutes of play.

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Anonymous said...

For the record there were two players from the University of Oregon club team that played for EMFC that day and against Bayern Munich