Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bærum SK - Frigg (31-07-2010)

After a week of hard work, and a very long sleep, I woke up just in time to buy and eat an extremely overpriced breakfast and catch the bus from downtown to Sandvika Station in Bærum, just outside of Oslo. From there it was just a 10 minute walk to Sandvika Stadion, home of Bærum Sportklubb.

I bought a ticket for NOK 100 (12.50 Euro) and joined the ca. 125 other spectators, of which at least 25 were supporting the away team, Frigg Fotball, from Oslo. In fact, as far as people wore any team merchandize, it was the blue of Frigg rather than the yellow of Bærum. I counted one jersey, one scarf, and two caps; one of the caps celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bærum SK this year.

The Sandvika Stadium is a very modest accommodation with only two very tiny (five-row) stands along one long side of the pitch. However, that seems to be enough for a team in the second division of Norwegian football. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide us with much cover against the strong wind and mild rain; which completed the terrible ‘summer’ day which was roughly 12C/54F.

The game started quite well, with a good counter by Bærum in the 3rd minute, but the header went wide. A couple minutes later a Frigg attack ended with a shot just wide. The visitors were the stronger team from the beginning and created several half chances, though few led to real danger. Despite the fact that the teams played on a pitch of artificial grass, neither team used a lot of fast combinations. The long passes, though seldom accurate, did make the game a bit more attractive though.

In the 27th minute a good attack by Frigg led to a hard shot from ca. 10 meters, which was saved by the Bærum goalie. The corner was boxed away and the rebound cleared almost unconsciously by a defender on the goal line. However, the next corner was headed in without any chance for the goalie: 0-1. Although the hosts responded directly, with a striker going alone at goal, the Frigg goalie saved bravely and 0-1 was also the half time score.

The second half was even more dominated by Frigg, which was clearly the better team. Unfortunately, the level and pace of play had gone down significantly, and for much of the first twenty-five minutes of the second half little noteworthy happened. The Bærum SK defense was playing worse and worse, but Frigg was unable to capitalize on it. The hosts seldom came to a real attack

In the last quarter of the game Frigg became really dominant, pressuring more and more, and creating various more or less good chances. They didn’t score, however, which made the last five minutes of the game still exciting, as Bærum found a second life and created several decent chances. In a desperate attempt the striker tried to hit the ball in the goal, and this led to the first yellow card of the game, in the 90th minute. In the dying seconds the hosts missed a clear header, making it clear that they were not going to score that day. Hence, the final score was 0-1. The better team won.

Bærum SK was my 350th team, and therefore a special one. To be fair, neither Sandvik Stadion, not Bærum SK stand out in any way. Still, I did enjoy the laid back atmosphere, and the real localness of the club (in fact, they compete not just with the various Oslo teams, first division club Stabæk also plays in Bærum).

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